The green fields which resembles thick green carpet , small hills, chirping of birds, the music of river Bharatapuzha, the chanting of mantras from the VilwaMala are all a part of this small place and it adds to the picturesque beauty of this village.


Inside the temple are two shrines adjacent to each other one facing east and the other facing west. Both are Chaturbahu Lord Vishnu. But the concept is that it is Lakshmana’s shrine on the eastern side and Lord Sreerama’s shrine is the one facing west. The shrine of the west is the one given to Lord Parashurama by Lord Shiva which he himself was worshipping. Parashurama came across this beautiful place constructed a temple and conescrated the deity. The shrine on the sanctum facing west is swayambhu or self born image. It is almost five feet tall fitted with gold plated cover for the protection of the image. It is also believed that there is a cave under this sanctum where there is a golden vilwa tree. Some are also under the impression that it is because of this, the place came to be called as Vilwamala...Read more